Why Our Feelings get Hurt so Easily?

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Aston Kutcher appeared in a commercial film for Potato Chips and among many avatars of Aston in it, one is Raj who is a 39 year old Bollywood producer. He, in an advertisements looks like a typical Indian man, brown skinned with moustache, wearing a blue sherwani. It was not the only character he played yet it is only the Indians who are screaming racism about it. If Raj had appeared as a fair skin guy with blue eyes with French accent, could that be a Raj then? That is the problem with us. We know what the truth is and just do not want to accept it. Buy videos of this advertisement featuring Aston Kutcher to know more about this entire fuss Yes we have fair skinned guys with light colored eyes as well, but truth is we are brown skinned people basically and that is why all fairness creams are making money in our country.

It does not hurt our feelings when some painter like M F Hussain expresses his feelings through colors, we admire it. It does not hurt our feelings even if that painter leaves our country and gets the nationality of some other country like Qatar. But still if someone will ask us who the most renowned painters from India are, we will with proud tell M F Hussain’s name first. We all praised the movie “The Dirty Picture” a lot and our own people have awarded it many prizes as well. But then we turned double faced when it came to broadcasting it onto TV Channels. First there were around 56 cuts made in the reel by the Sensor Board and even after that they find it dirty enough to not to be broadcasted on the TV channels. Nothing new, it happens all the time in India. Buy images of M F Hussain’s artwork that have created controversies.

If you lit scented stick or the Dhoopbatti every day during prayers you must have noticed that almost every packet of these sticks has Hindu God or Goddess printed over it. What do you do with these rappers or covers after using the sticks; usually it goes into your dustbin. And what about the newspapers which have pictures of Nine Goddess during the Navratra season, pictures of Goddess Laxmi during Diwali, pictures of Lord Rama during Ramanavami and so on? You just read the newspaper and stash it where other papers are stashed and at the end of the month it goes to your scrap dealer. You never bother if they are eating Chhole on the same paper with picture or it is stinking in some garbage bin. But yes it hurts our feelings when we see the swimwear designed by some Australian featuring Hindu Goddess Laxmi. These people are unaware of our culture and the moment they realize their mistake they apologize for that but what about us? Buy exclusive images of these swim wears presented by Lisa Blue at Australian Fashion Week to know more about the fashion event.

We should learn something from our Indian politicians. They become regular target of our jokes. Some of which are serious and some are nothing but jokes. They laugh at the jokes and try to improve themselves so that they do not become the target again. They never lament that people are hurting their feelings.

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Why Our Feelings get Hurt so Easily?

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Why Our Feelings get Hurt so Easily?

This article was published on 2012/07/18
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