Turn the Press Releases into Promotional Postcards

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So, you have important news to share with your customers? Do you want to send this news to your customer's hand?  Postcard marketing is the solution of this problem. You can send your latest press release information to your customers directly. It is the guaranteed way to be sure that your targeted audience will get your big news.  

The press release you write, normally distributed to the press, but when you send press release with postcards they are sent directly to your customers. You may try e-mails for your press release distribution but you don't know they are actually reading your mail or not. You can put your press release on the homepage but tell me how many customers are visiting to your website. The turning of your press release into the postcard promotion of direct mail can make your news bigger and handy.

But, there are many announcements and not every announcement is worthy for the direct mail campaign of postcard marketing. You can launch your postcard marketing campaign for the following reason;

Critical Announcements:

  • Change of your company address
  • Change of your business name
  • Change in your prices or product offerings

Exciting News:

  • Accolades or awards
  • New partnerships or management
  • High-profile new clients/customers
  • Donations or volunteer efforts by your company

Remember, news related postcards can generate the same level of response as postcards because they can hit your targeted audience emotions. They cannot generate significant profit for your business immediately but they can grab your targeted audience attention. You need to be sure that you have explained your news clearly on your postcard.

The benefit of postcard news is that your audience can stay updated in the aspect of your business. Your business news postcard can only result in a significant profit for people information. Give a deep thank to your targeted audience for their business. If you are going to announce an award winning then thanks to your audience by acknowledged them.

Hence, postcards for business promotional purpose are the best way to go. They can increase the credibility of your business in the eye of your customers. This way, they will consider you a trustable and legitimate company. An honest customer always looks for the reputed and trusts worthy company to whom they can do business.  this way, you can give them assurance that you really know the value of each customer.


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Turn the Press Releases into Promotional Postcards

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This article was published on 2011/07/21