The Progression of Media in Todays World

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Media is also known as mass communication where the audience receives specific information through a medium or device we commonly refer to television. This is also known as electronic media and it includes transmission of information through electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, laptops etc.

There were times when there was only a single mode of conveying information, it was popular among peoples of that time and was known as newspaper. The power of newspaper was very strong and it used to get delivered to every person around the world and almost every person used to read it and gain information about the surroundings around the country. These newspaper used to portray the daily news happened in the country and a portion of it also told the news centering across the world. These newspapers also had a portion of advertisements which included various advertisements such as math tutors, property for rent, items on sale, etc 

In the 21st century the mode of transferring news from one place to another has been revolutionized and new methods are being adopted so that the audience could get authentic and accurate news of the country and of the world.

The most important part of today’s news is that it has been completely changed and the method of conveying has also been altered. Now there are various modes of getting news and information as the television is inundated with ample of news channels. There are more than thousand of news channels operating today all with almost same news but they differ in the manner of spreading it and conveying it to the audience.

Apart from news channel the internet is also a very important source of news transferring. In fact the news on internet is the most convenient source of information and widely read by people across the world. This news is accurate and reliable and accepted by majority of audiences across the world. Some people believe that the news on the net is more authentic than the news on the news channels and also believe that it is the monopoly created by most of the news channels only to sell their product and increases their TRP (television rating point).

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The Progression of Media in Todays World

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The Progression of Media in Todays World

This article was published on 2013/03/16