The Illusion That Was

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A few years ago everyone felt there were many ways to get rich. Being fast and instant was considered the most important thing in life. We have instant food, instant gratification and instant discontentment too. The only thing that goes on lingering with humans is the discontentment part, which he tries to smother with more frenzied and fast activity. The instant food and instant gratification are all gone once consumed or experienced but it is not the same with discontentment. This is because food and gratification depend on outside objects while discontentment depends on the self or inner self and our actions. It depends on the capacity of the self to absorb and hold a feeling. So if the feeling is instant and fleeting then the self cannot hold anything good resulting in discontentment. The reason why discontentment lingers is the fact that we humans are worthy of long lasting benefits that cannot be found in instant pathways.

Now we have to face the slow down and global warming. This slow down, which is, a natural reaction to mans actions, means that man will have to leave the instant pathway and take the slow pathway. All along these years when man raced along on the instant highway he did not care for the quality of his work nor effects of his actions nor the way he treated others. His dulled intelligence is now at a stage where every human has to stand alone and take stock of the self and earnings. How long can man live without earning? 1 month or 1 year? Whatever the time span every one will be in the same boat sooner or later. God works equality in a different way.

After almost 7 months on the net, I have seen that globalization and global warming has led to a few who are considering leaving the abnormal adult sites to join the normal streams for earning. I guess even the really fast are now slow. Who can afford to be fast anymore?

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The Illusion That Was

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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