Shepard Smith Divorced Virginia Donald Before Being a Gay?

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Several people think that Shepard Smith is either gay or possibly gay. He was previously married to a woman named Virginia Donald for about 6 years and does not have any children. Shepard Smith refuses to talk about anything about his personal life.
Some critics say that his eyes and eyebrows are oddly shaped and some think that he is inbred just because he is from the south and happens to have odd eyebrows. Some people think that Shepard Smith wears makeup, "guyliner", and a possibility that his eyebrows are computer generated images.
Even more controversy?
Shepard Smith's frequent cussing has been uploaded on YouTube, such as accidentally cussing when meaning to say "Block Party", and claiming that another dirty word was because he accidentally combined "Jonathan Hunt" and "Jonathan Glenn". Both Hunt and Glenn work at Fox News. He also cussed twice, on purpose, when responding to his views on torture such as waterboarding.
Shepard Smith got in trouble on November 17, 2000 with news reports that he was arrested for aggravated battery.
Shepard Smith is a news anchor. He reads the news headlines and interviews people very well. He is not afraid to let people know how he feels about a news story or election coverage. He is also not afraid to defend the network and company that he works for.
Shepard Smith
About Shepard Smith
Shepard Smith is a news anchor for FOX. He can be seen almost every day anchoring his show Studio B which has been airing since August 2002. Before that, he hosted part of Fox News Live. He also hosts the prime time news hour on FOX News Channel called FOX Report. He also reads the hourly news headlines for 5 minutes on Fox News Talk Everywhere.
FOX News began national news coverage in 1996, but instead of adding more content to their broadcast stations, they launched a 24 hour news channel with news coverage and personalities covering specific topics. This makes FOX News able to compete with other 24 hour news networks such as CNN and MSNBC. Instead there is very little programming left to compete with ABC and CBS, leaving the FOX stations to individually provide their own news, some of which don't have any news programs. When they provide special news coverage, FOX News reschedules FOX's programming as well to provide special news presentations. Shepard Smith co-hosts these programs with Chris Wallace and usually Megyn Kelley and when there is ongoing events such as elections, there is a series called America's Election HQ (America's Election Headquarters) where Shepard Smith, Megan Kelley, and a group of news anchors, columnists, and contributors gather to discuss current events. He also provides some sports coverage. Shepard Smith has appeared on The Strategy Room.
Shepard Smith family
He has two shows on FOX News Channel, The Fox Report which is general and fast paced news coverage, and Studio B, which is an interviewing show. Studio B also produces Podcasts, according to the FOX News page on the iTunes Store.
His full name is David Shepard Smith. His nickname by coworkers is Shep, and Sheppy and Shepster by fans.
Shepard Smith lives in two states, one where he grew up in and one where his job is at. His main studios are Studio-12H (before that his broadcasts were on Studio-B) in New York where he does most of his broadcasts. He is frequently on assignment at other locations. He was born January 14th, 1964 to David Shepard Smith, Sr. and Dora Ellen Anderson Smith in Holly Springs, Mississippi. He attended college to study Journalism at University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss. He says his family are fans of football and provides occasional introductions outside of football stadiums. He gets paid over 8 million dollars each year.
Depending on the amount of lighting and camera angles, he can look like he is 20 years older than his actual age, or 20 years younger than his actual age. His traditional hair style makes him look like a giant action figure. He also has crooked-looking eyes and eyebrows which provides a cunning and devious look.
Shep Smith
FOX News talent usually have a lot of creativity for their programs. Shepard Smith will always say where he stands on important events and why he feels this way. He will read emails sent to him and sometimes just addressed to FOX News, and will respond to them on television. He answers insults towards FOX News or just plain ignorance that needs to be addressed, and often saying things such as "and I know I mispronounced your name and I don't care" and "Shut Up" depending on the tone of the original email message sent to him. He also uses cuss words occasionally (both accidentally and on purpose) when anchoring.
Shepard Smith, along with much of the rest of FOX News, sometimes has to answer to accusations that FOX News is only for viewers that are Republicans especially because Mike Huckabee is affiliated with FOX News and is also a popular political figure that is a Republican. In an interview with him he answered that a presidental cantidate that he would like to see win the 2008 presidency was another candidate for the Democratic Party, and not Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, or Mike Huckabee. Also, despite a viewer whose email he responded to tried to encourage Shep to have a preference for Obama and not McCain, he responded:
"I ain't in the tank for Nobody, so just get off! I am in the tank for those who will answer, the democratic presidential cantidate."
He also has similar reactions whenever he is interviewing people.
(According to Squidoo)
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Shepard Smith Divorced Virginia Donald Before Being a Gay?

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