Murdoch, Media Mogul Makes Massive Move for Climate Change

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At a time when the public has become saturated with the undeniable news of Global Warming Issues and is fed up with the lack of political action to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Rupert Murdoch has announced that his Company, News Corp., will undergo a purge of its running systems and take drastic steps to reduce its own carbon footprint. A precedent has now been set for all other multinational corporations to follow and considering the size of this giant, a welcomed advance within the Private Sector towards helping to green the planet.

As a news and media agent with tentacles stretching to almost every continent on Earth it is a spine-tingling breath of fresh air, such a shift in corporate thinking in regard to the damages we must be held accountable for. The aim is to lead by example and educate their audience, of which we are talking millions of people around the globe. Not only in the hope of instigating change for individuals, but in the hope that other corporations will follow this lead and do likewise. Kudos must be given where due here and it shows that there really is hope that not all multinational corporations are driven by the dollar to be made today.

News Corp. currently contributes 100,000s of tons of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere a year and by introducing changes across the board to reduce that amount of output to zero within 3 years is some mean feat. However, considering the unimaginable profits this company must make on a daily basis, they have a duty like any other high profit margin corporation to implement such changes and turn the doom and gloom scenario into one of a positive outcome. Surely these measures will attract incentive in the form of comfortable tax deductions as well.

The carbon footprint of News Corp. is 10,000 times this number, however, so starting at a grassroots level across the board, all light bulbs will be changed to energy efficient bulbs. All company fleets will be disposed of and hybrid cars only used. One hopes that by his lead others will see that it doesn't have to mean financial suicide to go green. The company will also offset its emissions by reinvesting in renewable energy resource productions and developments and only using renewable energy resources for all its power. A procedure many other multinational corporations have no excuse to ignore. This is fantastic news for all of you concerned about the fact that no-one seems to be actually doing anything to implement the radical changes needed to turn the scary picture around.

Murdoch hopes that through these actions and also by educating through his many media outlets that enough change will occur to make a significant difference. If only 1% of News Corp.'s audience is reached and actually activates such changes, the effect of this will be as huge as the equivalent of switching off the entire state of California for a period of two months! Imagine the outcome if this precedent inspires even 2% percent more of that number or even 1 or 2% of the world's industrial moguls to follow suit?

Happy days for all of us are ahead and be reassured that surely our governments will be embarrassed into submission on this score, as well. One would hope that the chain of events this action will set in motion will continue to drive the engines of change for a much brighter looking future for us all.

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Murdoch, Media Mogul Makes Massive Move for Climate Change

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This article was published on 2010/04/04