Be A Solo Journalist – Come Up With The Best In Strange And Weird News Stories

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They say that the social media is making everyone become a journalist. Whether that is true or not solely depends on what someone does with his opportunities on the social media platforms. Journalism involves making news from our daily events and propelling it to the world. Politicians usually take center stage in our daily news broadcasts, unless something big has happened over the last 24 hours. Most news broadcasts that are commonly known target a national audience. However, you can get your story known out there using the platforms we have and the opportunities that are there.

You probably do not have access to the bigger stories and you may not have big cameras to take brilliant shots for events. This should not deter your efforts to become a journalist, but should be a guiding light to what you should do to make it. One direction you can decide to focus on is funny news stories. Go local – involve the community around you and you may be surprised how big you might eventually be. Here are a few pointers:

1.Get a good camera and a tape recorder:

You may not get the best in the market, as they are sometimes exorbitantly priced. However, you can save up for a camcorder that is affordable yet clear in quality. You can decide also to use your smartphone as a recorder or both, as a good beginning. Of course you need a PC or a laptop to feed in your data once collected.

2.Do your research well:

This is where most of the work is. In most cases, the internet will be your best screen to broadcast your news. Have a Facebook page open to sell your views. Here people's opinion of your work and absorb with wisdom every criticism. You can also research some websites that give opportunities for uploading weird funny pictures and stories. If you get some, participate fully. It will firmly build your name.

3.Start local (it is safer as a beginner)

Starting your strange news stories on the local scene is safer. You will have better access to news for people who are more familiar than when you are a stranger. You may actually start at some social gatherings and with no bad intentions; bring out the strange pictures and news in your church or school. Make the news shot as fine and as interesting as it possibly could be.

4.Make consistency a habit:

As your strongest selling point, make consistency a natural habit. Do more and more posts, having interesting and captivating titles for your dramatic events. Eventually, you are bound to have a following and keep working towards a bigger and wider viewership. In the end, you will become a self-made journalist, one who can be employed by a media house, for the same department.

Making a name out there is hard, but you can make strange news your niche and make it out there in a more comfortable manner. Besides, if it is something that you do out of passion, it will never stress you out. 

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Be A Solo Journalist – Come Up With The Best In Strange And Weird News Stories

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Be A Solo Journalist – Come Up With The Best In Strange And Weird News Stories

This article was published on 2013/04/23
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